We are HOPE and HELP for the homeless in Ocala & Marion County

Ocala/Marion County has hundreds of homeless men and women, including many who are chronically homeless.

This cost our taxpayers more than $22 million per year (approximately $31,000 per person) This estimate includes costs for shelter, emergency rooms, health care, law enforcement, arrests, incarceration and more.

Our plan

We purchased the Motor Inns and RV Park in May, 2018 and now operate “Mercy Inn & RV Park.”  At this location we provide;

HOUSING | to the homeless using the highly successful Housing First model.

OPPORTUNITIES FOR GREATER HELP | Residents of Saving Mercy will be assigned a case worker to assist them with (1) job training and placement (2) health and hygiene (3) substance abuse counseling (4) basic self-care, (5) budgeting/financial planning, and more.

Our goals

  • Provide housing to all homeless using the highly successful Housing First model, which has an 85-90% success rate around the country.
  • Save taxpayers money by decreasing:
    • crime rates,
    • costs associated with law enforcement, arrests, courts, and incarceration,
    • costs of hospitalization and medical care
  •  Restore dignity to those suffering from homelessness.
Give a man a fish …and you can feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish …and you can feed him for a lifetime.

How can you help?

1. Consider making a tax-deductible contribution.

2. Join us!  Contact us to see how you can help.